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NiceLabel software is Microsoft certified and ideal for designing and printing Signs and Labels. Use NiceLabel to easily design labels with texts, data from databases, prompt variables, barcodes, lines, circles, rectangles, icons, industrialsymbols, corporate logos and more.

The label design is very user-friendly and flexible. Data can be entered if the label is designed or later using variable fields (keyboard input, file, date / time, database). Use your own database to automatically print labels, which are provided by the data from this database (text and graphics). NiceLabel supports all Windows printers, including inkjet and laser printers and more than 450 Thermal Transfer printers.



Designer Express

NiceLabel Designer Express

Basic version for simple label design.

  • Use of wizards for quick and easy design
  • Designing texts, barcodes, lines, shapes and images
  • Supports Excel as a simple database
  • Basic variable data capability

Designer Standard

NiceLabel Designer Standard

Standard version

  • All Express options 
  • Linking fields to create concatenated variables
  • Supports OLE/ODBC database connection
  • NicePrint generic operator printing module (direct label printing without having to open the design program)

Designer Pro

 NiceLabel Designer Pro

Professional version for extensive print & design capabilities.

  • All Standard features
  • EasyForms operator printing module (direct label printing via customizable template)
  • Hundreds of industrial symbols and pictograms according to latest guidelines 
  • Advanced formatting with functions such as rich text, line styles, grouping, text frames with automatic font
  • Full serialistation, check digits, scripts, export masks
  • Advanced database connections - SQL queries, joins, blob fields and create/read/update/write database records


NiceLabel PowerForms

Professional and ultimate performance version for the demanding label printer

  • All Designer Pro features 
  • Application module to create fully customizable forms for fast and error-free label printing.

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