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TORO All-in-one!

TORO, Signs & Labels on the move

The Toro is an all-in-one system, with a full-size flip down keyboard, an adjustable touch screen, custom software and durable, reliable thermal transfer print technology. Just load your supply, design your label or sign and print in high quality and colour from 13mm to 100mm wide.

The Toro is Network and PC Independent.

The Toro does not require network connectivity or IT support. There are no security issues with workplace permissions, passwords or computers because the Toro operates independently. The Toro comes loaded with powerful, dedicated software to create health and safety signs, valve marking, pipe marking, maintenance labels, part numbering – the list is endless and effortless.

The Toro is Mobile

Take the Toro to the task in-hand. The Toro can function with its own, rechargeable, battery, capable of powering three hours of continuous printing. Take the Toro anywhere in the workplace, plant, factory or remote site. Print when and where you need to. When you are finished you simply fold the Toro up and you are ready to move to the next job.

Completely unrestricted label printing at last!

The Toro is the newest concept in Industrial labelling on the market today. It was developed to be mobile, standalone and to perform flawlessly outside any controlled network environment.

The Toro is complete, just load your supply, select your label/sign and print high quality labels from 13mm to 100mm wide.
Toro is a must have for any organization that needs the freedom and mobility to create identification labelling anywhere, anytime and on the move.


  • Full-sized flip down keyboard.
  • 9” diagonal colour touch screen.
  • Creates sign and labels from 13mm to 100mm.
  • Powerful Microsoft approved NiceLabel Pro software.
  • All current barcodes, including Q Codes, included.
  • More than 2000 European and International graphics included.
  • 3 hour remote printing from battery.
  • Designed for faultless supply changes.
  • 3 year warranty.


The Toro is supplied with NiceLabel Designer ProNiceLabel Designer Pro

  • Professional edition for enhanced print & design possibilities
  • Use of wizards for quick and easy designs
  • Design texts, barcodes, lines, shapes and images
  • Connect fields to create concatenated variables
  • EasyForms customized operator print module
  • More than 2000 industrial symbols and pictograms
  • Advanced design with Rich Text, line styles, grouping, text fields with auto-fill text size/height
  • Advanced database connections (Excel, Acces)


 NiceLabel PowerForms

Optional: upgrade your TORO's NiceLabel to NiceLabel PowerForms

  • Professional and ultimate edition for the most demanding label printer
  • All NiceLabel Pro functionality
  • PowerForms: Form function to create your own standalone label form/application. No programming experience needed! End users can quickly create error-free, uniform labels for the whole company.







We have an extensive range of carefully selected quality tape in stock for our systems. To ensure that our customers receive material of consistent quality we test all materials so we are less dependent on others.
This means that Rebo has the right system and the right tape quality for your specific application.

Click the image below for the supplies overview.

Toro Supplies




  • Barcodes
  • Pipe marking
  • Safety instructions
  • Machine identification
  • Inspection labeling
  • Maintenance labeling
  • Article numbers
  • And a whole lot more, view our detailed Application page.


•Type: thermal transfer
•Print Speed: up to 3 inches per second
•Resolution: 300 dots per inch •Maximum print width: 4.0"
•Unlimited length using DuraSuite software Indicators & Buttons
•Indicators: Power, Printer Status, Supply Status, Battery Status
•Buttons: Power, Supply Feed, Keyboard Release, Screen Release, Battery Release
•Communication Interface: USB-A, USB-B, optional print server port
•Memory: 4GB flash; 1GB SDRAM Power Requirements
•Input Voltage: 24V DC, 5A - DuraLabel labelers have worldwide voltage capability. Environment •Operating Temperature: 41°F ? 104°F (5°C ? 40°C)
•Operation Humidity: 30% ? 85%, non-condensing
•Storage Temperature: -4°F ? 122°F (-20°C ? 50°C)
•Storage Humidity: 10% ? 90%, non-condensing
•Ventilation: fan mounted on circuit board

Label Stock 
•Type: continuous, black mark & die-cut 
•Width: 0.5" minimum, 4.00" maximum 
•Capacity: 140 ft.   Ribbon Supply 
•Type: Wax/Resin, Resin 
•Width: 106 mm (4.17 inch) 
•Capacity: 360 ft. with 0.5 in. core diameter 

Printer Body 
•Dimensions: 13.5" wide, 10.25" deep, (L) x 6.7" (H) x 8.8" (W) 
•13.8 lbs (6.26 kg), excluding supplies   Battery (optional) 
•Type: Lithium-Ion, 300 charge life cycle 
•Power: 3 hours average continuous print time 
•Sleep mode: 3 days 
•Charge: 3 hours charge time when battery is < 10% power 
•Life: full charge recommended every 3 months  

Accessories (optional) 
•Toro battery and charger 
•Soft Shell travel case with saddle bag pouches for supplies 
•Hard Shell case 
•12V car adapter


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