FlexxMax Sign Holder

FlexxMax Sign Holder

FlexxMax Sign Holder

The latest, fastest, most  secure and most durable method for fixing signs and notices in minutes. A  new sign mounting system that is made from a glass fiber reinforced PBT plastic with an additional option of a patented, new band and fixing buckle.

The FlexxMax sign holder is fully adjustable, so the one sign holder can be used with a variety of sign heights. The system is rigidly strong but with one simple ´click´ action, the sign can be quickly released.With its four point support design, the FlexxMax will securely mount to flat and curved surfaces. The specially formulated plastic in FlexxMax is extremely resistant to both stress cracking and chemicals. The FlexxMax Signholder can be easily attached using currently available band materials, screws, bolts and cable ties.

  The Flexx-Smartband
The ideal fixing method for FlexxMax sign holders. The teeth on the smart band are reinforced with glass fibre, giving an unparalleled fixing strength. The band is constructed from a flexible, polymer based plastic, making it much easier to handle than metal bands, with no risk of corrosion. With its unique locking strap buckle, the SmartBand is extremely strong, easy to install and remains dimensionally stable, even in temperatures of up to 200 degrees centigrade.
Available in widths of 7mm and 10mm and in rolls of 5, 20 and 250 meters long
 flexxmax Clamping Tool for Flexx-Smartband
Custom designed to both tighten and cut the Smartband. Ergonomically designed for one handed and two handed use.
Dimensions (mm): 215 x 130 x 30
Weight: 0.43 kg

A Perfect Sign System

Combined with a Rebo sign and labeling system, the FlexxMax sign holder is ideal for process marking, plant labeling and any application where strength, chemical resistance and ease of use are priorities.
Rebo supplies a large range of PVC mounting plates, allowing the easy application of a sign and label prior to installation in the Flexx Max sign holder.

Perfect for mounting identification signs and marking plates to:
Valves, Tanks
Mechanical Equipment
Warehouse and Store Racking
Sub-sea installations.

Currently used in:
Process Industries
Offshore, Manufacturing
and more…..

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