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Air conditioning, cooling systems and refrigeration

Installatie websiteThe application of labelling is growing more and more in this Industry. The need for serial number plates, maintenance labelling, cable and hose identification and control cabinet marking is an important issue.

We can deliver systems that allow you to uniquely label installations, create custom instruction labels, waste material handling notices, cautions and health and safety labelling.

Our label materials are designed for temperature variations – from extreme cold to extreme heat and for high durability in challenging environments.

In the overview below we offer professional systems with which you can create clear and durable encodings without spending much time!


LOBO, A true Grab 'n Go labeler

Switch it on, type, and push print—you just made a custom label. Sequenced barcodes, large or small text and more than 1,200 safety and health symbols at your fingertips.

DuraLabel Toro opengeklapt uitgesneden klein web

TORO, Signs & Labels on the move

The Toro is an all-in-one system, with a full-size flip down keyboard, an adjustable touch screen, custom software and durable, reliable thermal transfer print technology. Just load your supply, design your label or sign and print in high quality and colour from 13mm to 100mm wide.

SMS-400 Schuin met Brandmelder pictogram

SMS-400E Pro Sign & Label system

The SMS-400E is the allround Industrial Sign & Label system for all your common industrial encodings. With the professional supplied NiceLabel software you can design all the possible labels that are necessary for the optimal functioning of your business and institution, quickly and easily.

SMS-F1 Pro Label & Tag System

The F1 is an Industrial Sign and Labelling machine designed to meet the needs of Industry and the growing range of thicker, stronger and more durable materials to meet the increasing needs of dynamic industries.


SMS-900 Pro Sign & Label system

With the SMS-900 Large Format sign and label system you can create and print all your Industrial Signs and Labels in A4 format and beyond. With an integrated ‘heavy duty’ cutter, the SMS 900 can deliver signs and labels up to 22 CM high and over 3 Meters in length.


TORO and SMS systems

  • PT700 Matt Aluminum Polyester for machine and instruction labels
  • E-300 Standard Vinyl for inspection and general labels
  • FT700 Flexi Transparent Vinyl Tack for cable markers
  • ST700 Premium Vinyl for pipe markers

Applications & Advantages

Why work with a Rebo system in Cooling & Refrigeration industry?

  • Clear recognition of your company by printing your company data & logo together with the article data
  • You only produce what you need, no large stock needed
  • Professional appearance
  • High durability of our tape materials

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